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Still paying it forward: Houston responds to hurricane michael relief

We WILL be collecting donations for Hurricane Michael relief as well. As with Florence relief, the greatest need is for cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, nonperishable food, and bottled water.

Small donations toward both relief efforts can be made at the locations below in the map below. For larger donations, please first email help@houstonreliefhub.org.

Meanwhile, donations specifically to Florence Relief from our 9/22-9/23 drive were delivered to Columbia, SC, and we are planning for another delivery.

Harvey Relief Hub became the Houston Relief Hub after partnering with the City of Houston.  Our mission remains to provide a short-term central hub for the distribution of donated relief aid.  With help from the the City of Houston, our reach has extended to Puerto Rico, Northern California, Dominica, North Carolina & South Carolina, and now Florida after Hurricane Michael.

The Houston Relief Hub's last day of operations specifically for Harvey Relief (Dec. 15th, 2017) was at our downsized warehouse in The Heights.  Our accomplishments were only realized thanks to >100 dedicated volunteers & the sustained generosity of so many, from near & far, after this year's devastating natural disasters.  While we are no longer the "hub" as we once were, We realize that many fellow Houstonians & others have a long road ahead moving forward in their recovery efforts.  We're still trying to make a difference in whatever manner we're able to... individually & Alongside the organizations / Institutions in which we serve to facilitate recovery & prevention efforts!

Houston Relief Hub provides a gateway for Houstonians to aide the many others impacted by this year's devastating series of natural disasters; all while we continue making progress to get Houstonians and others in the region impacted by Harvey back on their feet.

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