Open Today 9/9 & Tomorrow 9/10

The need for a giving, volunteering, and assistance hub in central Houston certainly hasn't gone away so neither have we. We opened our doors this morning at 8 AM and will be here until 6 PM. We'll also be here tomorrow from 8-6.

Today we've served about two dozen families an hour with crucial needs like food, clothing, water, cleaning supplies, and baby items. We've received and are processing huge donations from Red Cross partners. We've supported other small grassroots relief groups by handing off large pallets of donations to them.

Our greatest limiting factor is volunteer help. If we're to keep the hub open, we need volunteers to step up in a big way soon. We have ample resources and connections beyond that, we just need people power.

Contact us today if you're ready to serve your neighbors, fellow Houstonians, and Texans in a regular volunteer capacity over these next weeks.